5 Traits of An Authentic Leader and How to Find One

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Many leaders are afraid to upset the balance in their department by being honest with their team. They think they are keeping the peace, but in truth they are limiting team members from reaching their potential. In a recent article, we explain that it is important to not just be kind, but authentic, and this can be a very delicate balance.

According to Forbes, authenticity has become the gold standard of leadership in the last ten years. However, the authentic leadership definition is different for everyone. Let’s define it as an approach to leadership that focuses on validating the leader’s legitimacy with an honest foundation and ethical merits.

What is Authentic Leadership?

Authentic leaders hold values, purpose, passion, self-discipline and relationships close to heart. In a study by Penn State, Bill George discusses authentic leadership characteristics are held in authentic leaders that ensure they are seen as genuine or real. These leaders hold heart leading to compassion, purpose leading to passion, values leading to honest behavior, self-discipline leading to consistency, and trusted relationships leading to connectedness.

5 Traits of Authentic Leaders

1. Self awareness

Being self aware allows you to reflect on your actions or decisions, reward your wins and own your losses. Self-aware leaders criticize themselves only with the intention to improve and move forward. They acknowledge their fears and move past them.

2. Ego is put aside

Authentic leaders allow themselves to be vulnerable and put their ego aside. Sharing personal stories of failure and one’s climb towards success is a way to inspire a team of individuals and encourage them to work towards becoming their best selves and accomplishing their personal goals. The world doesn’t revolve around one person, and authentic leaders understand.

3. A positive internal code of ethics that is resistant to external pressures

The kindest individual on the planet could cave to external temptation for personal gain, but an authentic leader will not. By becoming a leader, you are committing to your organization and most importantly your team, so when it comes to temptation versus doing the right thing, the decision is simple.

4. A vision for long-term results

We all know that time is too precious to waste, but authentic leaders really know that. They understand that it is unnecessary to worry over temporary setbacks and they own their mistakes. It is impossible to move forward when you’re looking backward and authentic leaders preach that thought process.

5. Integrity and heart

One’s strength of character is what defines an authentic leader. They are guided through business and life with their heart on their sleeve and integrity in their choices. They speak out of honesty and respect for others, which allows their team to trust their word.

Find an Authentic Leader with Roos Advisors

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If you want to learn more about what it takes to be an authentic leader, and how to lead people towards personal and professional success, reach out to Roos Advisors and see how we can help you achieve this. 

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