Creating a Communication Standard for Your Team

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Better communication promotes a happier work environment; happy employees will foster happy customers, resulting in fewer employee and customer complaints. Achieving excellent communication skills in the workplace is not always as easy as it seems. Teamwork and superior company standards are essential to making your business thrive.

Here at Roos Advisors, we thought about presenting you a few efficient steps that will enrich customer satisfaction, increase sales, as well as benefit your team and company growth. Let’s look at them one by one.

Company standards 

Company Standards are the foundation in everything the company does. Company Standards act to increase efficiency and diminish confusion. Effective communication standards are always key, and they always result in fewer customer-related complaints.

The best way to communicate standards is through efficient and consistent company meetings. Even virtual teams can participate through video conferencing and teleconferencing, which allows employees to voice their concerns and feel more connected to the process. Having a very focused agenda will improve the efficacy of these meetings while adhering to a ‘Meeting Intention,’ which is the clear communication of new ideas, strategies and company initiatives.


Increasing Sales is always critical to any company’s success. Frequent and consistent communication about company goals regarding sales and profitability are absolutely necessary. Making each team member responsible for sales and profitability will markedly improve performance.

Another step towards increasing sales is through the use of teamwork. Fostering and encouraging an environment of teamwork, especially on major initiatives or projects, will encourage more cohesive teams and a feeling of recognition.


Internal emails 

Internal Emails should be used to communicate simple concepts and pass documentation only. Email correspondence should be utilized for reinforcing ideas that have been communicated by a group meeting, for example.

External emails

Customer and Vendor Communications are not only effective, but often the only way to communicate with customers. Proper care should be taken to ensure that all e-mail communication remains clear and concise, with contact information being up to date at all times.


Having these skills in the workplace automatically takes the guessing game out of the picture, and is replaced by an effective interchange that positively affects both customers and employees. Think of this as a ladder; each step builds you higher up. Creating standards allows for productivity and efficiency and should always remain the first rung on the ladder.

At Roos Advisors, we are expert communicators. If you are interested in building a solid foundation for a more cohesive team, we can help. E-mail or call 646-933-1289 to learn more about our workshops, where we facilitate in creating your company’s communication standard using DISC® and FIVE BEHAVIORS OF A COHESIVE TEAM™.

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