Executive Coaching: What, Why and How?

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Based on confidentiality, honesty and mutual trust, executive coaching requires various communication techniques; such as questioning, reformulating and reframing. Face-to-face coaching naturally improves the coach’s ability to receive more complete information, due to the ease of observing a person while listening to what is said. At its best, executive coaching inspires new ways of thinking and new ways of approaching individual challenges.

Executive coaching provides an invaluable space for personal development. For example, managers are frequently presented with employees who are struggling to find confidence in their work. The traditional approach would be to send them to an assertive workshop or seminar and hope the issue is addressed and resolved. In the short-term, the employee learns new strategies for communicating, which may improve confidence; but the long-term effect will remain unachieved.

Executive coaching can support shifts in insight and client perceptions of power. Through the process of coaching, some clients may shift their views towards seeing power as a positive and constructive force connected to strength and confidence.

People may discover that conflict is something they were avoiding. Yet, executive coaching allows them to explore negative beliefs, challenge them and ultimately change them.

Additionally, employees must be given the opportunity to explore and reflect on their responsibilities, particularly regarding one’s work-life balance. Executive coaches will support your team in finding links between work and their personal lives, adding a seemingly helpful holistic aspect to their work. This method of executive coaching helps clients find insights on just how things in their lives connect.

At Roos Advisors, each of our programs implement a whole-person approach, integrating personal reflection and development with practical exercises designed to instill new habits based on fresh perspectives.

One of our main executive coaching tools is the DiSC Agile EQ™. Using a 3-step approach, we have increased employee retention and team performance an average of 35% within 6 to 9 months. Each step is vital to success and is equally important. The 3 steps are education, goal setting, and ongoing coaching. Each step has a strategic and tactical component that is easily implemented so the “how to” is easily defined and accomplished. With most things the “commitment” is the challenging part and the difference between success and failure.

We help business owners and individuals reclaim their sense of direction and quality of life by providing practical, action solutions. Developed by our team of certified coaches, our guided courses are specifically designed to reconnect you to your highest self, reignite your passion and put you back in the driver’s seat, both personally and professionally.

We help executives grow their dream business while living an authentic life. Let’s kickstart your journey to personal and professional excellence. Contact us today to schedule a free 15-minute virtual consultation to see if we are the solution you have been looking for. 

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