Executive Recruitment and How It Works

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What is Executive Recruitment and How Does It Actually work?

Executive recruitment is a service provided by recruiting professionals in executive personnel such as senior management, directors and high-level executives. They focus on filling high-level job positions, and this can pose significant challenges, as these individuals will have to take on crucial responsibilities. Here we’ll answer some of the most common questions about executive recruitment, and help you figure out if you need assistance or support from professionals like Roos Advisors to fill these high-stake positions in your company. 

Does My Business Need Executive Recruitment?

Executive recruiters are often called in to assist senior-level executives in hiring the toughest candidate searches in detail-specific industries. But that does not leave out small businesses seeking ways to grow their teams. 

The benefit to using an executive recruiter is that they only work with exclusive legitimate clientele. Your private company information is kept confidential and not disclosed to anyone outside of the organization.

How Does Executive Recruitment Work?

Executive recruitment is done through a process termed executive search. This search is executed by a team of recruiters who are paid by the companies who hire them to fill a position. Recruiters then contact those who they deem fit for the job position and vet those recommended by others involved in the job search.

The executive search can be expedited when the recruiters specialize in the area of expertise that the job position is in. Here are three ways to identify executive recruiters who specialize in an area of expertise:

    1. Tap into your own network

Tapping into one’s own network is the cheapest and easiest way to seek experienced professionals. Any executives work with recruiters throughout their careers as either a candidate, a client, or both. Take advantage of the connections you have developed throughout your career. If you have a small network, then focus on growing it. Go online, scan recruiter directories, search for recruiters’ profiles online through your LinkedIn network, join message boards, and respond to postings that relate to specialists in your search to continue growing your network.

    2. Read the business press

Executive recruiters are often quoted in the press and media with links to their contact information. Search business press for press releases where executive recruiters are cited, or interviews where you can hear the latest tips and tricks from the best in the industry. Oftentimes, press releases written to announce executive changes in a top firm will list the executive recruiters they used or plan on using to assist in the firm’s transition.

    3. Call on top industry professionals

Pick up the phone and reach out to the recruiting industry’s leading professionals. If that doesn’t work, reach out to the human resources departments of the industry’s top firms. What’s the worst thing that could happen? You get hung up on? The risk is definitely worth taking, as you’ve got nothing to lose by giving it a shot. 

Executive Recruitment with Roos Advisors

Finding top-tier talent is one of the many stresses companies face today. You need to find leaders who are high-functioning and results-driven. We share your mission, and that is why our recruiting professionals have dedicated their careers to screening and recruiting only the best talent in the legal and construction industries.

With offices in New York, Los Angeles, New Jersey, Salt Lake City, Houston, Atlanta, and now Europe, we are positioned to save you the costly and time-consuming process of screening and recruitment. Our process includes in-depth screenings, reference checks, and assessments designed to ensure the right candidate is placed in the right position with the right company. Qualified candidates with the right skills should be expected. Our process helps uncover the right fit based on finding alignment between the candidate and the company’s culture.

Working with our other divisions, we can help you with education and retention programs that ensure the money you have spent recruiting and training provides an excellent return on your investment.

Schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation to see if we are the solution you have been looking for.

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