How To Create an Effective Leadership Development Program

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By creating an effective leadership development program, leaders within a company can continue to grow their sector and continue to build the whole organization. A leader is expected to be there for his or her employees and always able to emphasize or answer any questions that arise in the workplace. Unfortunately, too many leaders assume that once a leadership position is achieved that their individual work can be paused as they need to lead others, yet one can not lead another if he or she refuses to work on his or herself.

What is Leadership Development?

A leadership program is developed and brought into a company to increase employee engagement, reduce turnover rates, raise employee satisfaction, reduce onboarding costs, improve employer/employee communication, and create confidence with a corporate team. These programs are tailored to all different types of leadership styles.

In March of 2020, Management Consultant and Executive Coach, Elizabeth Bartlett, wrote an article on servant leadership. In the article, she cites the main characteristics of a servant leader: A desire to serve, going from I to we, showing others you care, having the heart of a servant, enjoying other people’s company, impeccable integrity, and a fair-minded perspective. Not all leaders are expected to be servant leaders, but they should exemplify similar characteristics.

Why is Leadership Development Important?

Leadership development encourages strong leaders to continue to work on themselves with the goal of better influencing their teams’ communication strategies, boosting employee engagement and morale, and enhancing the employee and client experience in the workplace- both in-person and virtual. This can be achieved by creating a leadership development plan.

How to Create a Leadership Development Program

First, according to Inspire, there are four questions a leader must ask to implement company values before creating a leadership development program:

  1. Do employees at all levels know our company values?
  2. Do employees at all levels incorporate our company values in their day to day work routine?
  3. Does the company use its values as a guide when making decisions?
  4. Does the company highlight and celebrate its values?

The highest respected executives in the industry can not cultivate successful leaders if the company has yet to define its values and clearly demonstrate them in the day to day of the workplace to all levels of employees.

Secondly, measurable goals must be established. What does the company expect to see a difference in after implementing a leadership development program? This can be done by creating a wish list, including what attributes the company should consist of, and what leadership capabilities align with the company values.

Thirdly, set your vision and plan to adapt. Today’s problems are not tomorrow’s meaning one must be ready to pivot their plan or strategy at a minute’s notice. All industry markets and client’s needs are constantly changing, so a leader will be prepared for what is to come from all aspects of the business.

Lastly, remember that all individuals are natural born leaders or followers. A leader holds a necessary skill set that not all employees will. Notice those who take initiative and jump into chaos instead of delaying or postponing it. Notice those with a let’s solve this attitude. As Robert Half explains in “How to Create a Successful Leadership Development Program,” remember that leaders can be nurtured and developed, but not manufactured.

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