Seminars and Speaking

Seminars and Speaking


Using DiSC as a foundation and organizational psychology principles, your team will create strategic intervention opportunities. Together we quickly assess your current team condition and identify solutions for rapid, sustainable change. Experience measurable results that add true value to your business and improve your quality of life.

Our Winners Circle Workshop is essential for any team that is ready to honestly look at their strengths and challenges as opportunities for growth. This 2 ½ day intensive ensures your current situation is objectively evaluated and a path forward is created. This program is ideal for any company that is seeking growth and scale in current business practices and teamwork or for new initiatives or programs.

Answer the following questions to determine if you are ready to take this bold step.

  1. Are you willing to openly, without judgment, at the current condition of your team?
  2. Do you spend more time leading and mentoring your team or managing their daily tasks?
  3. Have you created specific, personal and professional goals with each team member?
  4. Has your team met the goals created for the last quarter?
  5. How is the overall morale of your team?
  6. What are you willing to do to ensure your team meets their goals?
  7. Does each team member know what to do?
  8. Is each member committed to a winning mindset with an actionable plan?
  9. What specifically is limiting your team? Consider the following variables: environment, personal self-limiting beliefs, rapid growth without a plan to execute, internal or external conflict?

Connection. Compassion. Strength. Our skilled presenters inspire audiences to live in the present. Your past does not exist, your future is unknown. Using the art of storytelling, our experiential approach ensures that every attendee leaves knowing the next step they must take to create the life they were destined to lead. Connect with yourself, your team, and those you are meant to serve.
Leverage growth and produce personal and team transformation and results. Resolve team conflicts through proven communication principles. Learn techniques that re-energize you within minutes so you are powerful in every situation and circumstance.

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