Spirituality – What Is It?

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“Believe in your infinite potential. Your only limitations are those you set upon yourself.” ― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

Webster describes spirituality as the quality or state of being spiritual, being concerned with the human spirit or soul. Many people confuse spirituality with religion, but the fact is, you can be spiritual without being religious. We do believe that religious practices and rites can support your spiritual journey. So why do we at Roos Advisors believe a spiritual focus is important in the work we do? Research shows that spiritually-minded people have more positive relationships, higher self-esteem and are generally more optimistic. Individuals who report having a spiritual practice indicate they have a true sense of purpose and meaning in life. Spiritual practices and/or community can improve your life in many ways and for some, it’s presence is an actual life raft.

Implementing activities such as meditation, yoga and mindfulness techniques are examples of practices that can be the building blocks upon which a spiritual practice is built. Life can be pretty overwhelming sometimes. Often it’s hard enough just finding matching socks in the morning or pencil-ling in time to hit the gym.

Here are some tips for cultivating a spirituality practice that really work:

Bookending – beginning and ending each day with a mindfulness exercise – meditation, gentle stretches, listening to an inspirational talk or journal-ling.
Track your daily activity and give yourself a reward. For example, at the end of every tenth day of consistent practice or when you fill up an entire journal do something just for YOU.
Surround yourself with people who want to see you succeed. ‘Your vibe attracts your tribe.’ Avoid naysayers or those fueled by drama. Resist the urge to gossip or speak badly of yourself or others.
Feed yourself a nourishing dose of uplifting media, movies, music, and social media. Release anything that makes you feel ‘less than’ or causes you to compare yourself to others.
Spend more time in nature! Just the simple act of walking or looking at water can be a meditation.
Tune in – notice how you feel when you don’t get enough rest or make unhealthy choices with regard to nutrition, spending or gossiping.
Find community. Sew into a community that supports your goals where you can give and receive. For some a religious community makes sense. Others may find recovery groups, self study groups or local community organizations are helpful.
Once we start tapping into the rewards of a spiritual practice, it is hard to walk away and the rewards are great. Conversely, ignoring a practice that honors your true self can result in stress. Stress is the body’s reaction to an increase in pressure or demands that the individual can physically not cope with. Stress can mean different things to different people, but it often stems from problems related to relationships, family, your job or most common – money! Stress can also stem from a build-up of small life events or a major life event that came up unexpectedly.

Read more here: https://livelovefruit.com/organs-in-the-body-affected-by-stress/

The adverse effects of stress include:

Appetite/Exercise disruption
Mood swings/anger/depression
Triggered ‘fight/flight’ response
Immune deficiencies
Skin flare ups
CHRONIC exposure to stress leads to overall exhaustion, muscle soreness and stiffness. That’s because stress is physically stored in your body. Organs of the body affected negatively by stress include: the brain, skin, heart, stomach, intestines, joints, muscles, pancreas, immune system and reproductive system.

At Roos Advisors, we offer many services such as Life, Health and Spiritual Coaching and Workshops to help you navigate. Our clients report that having someone to walk with has made all the difference in their journey! Reach out today and schedule a free 15 minute consultation to see if we are meant to work together.

“Leadership solutions for life and business.”

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