Steeve Brassaud

Assistant Director of Digital Marketing and Public Relations

Steeve Brassaud is the Assistant Director of Digital Marketing and Public Relations for Roos Advisors. Determined and motivated, he joined Roos Advisors with a great team spirit in the Spring of 2020.

Before joining the Roos team, he worked for the Walt Disney company as a Parade and Shows Costume Coordinator at Disneyland Paris and then in the Operations Parks department. Responsible for the dressing of the performers, he knew how to be responsive and effective in the face of the many unforeseen events in the world of entertainment.

Steeve earned his Economic and Social French Baccalaureate at the Lycee du Mont-Blanc in France before continuing his higher education and earning his Bachelors of International Management, with a specialization in Business Technology Management at the Sherbrooke University, in Montreal, Canada.

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