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  • Larendee and her team have led me through the maze that is marketing, for me. They have produced a website, business cards, a brochure and everything else that goes along with attracting customers to my business. They really go the extra mile to make sure everything is just right.

    Stephen Ricks
    Stephen Ricks Founder and CEO, LUXred
  • “I can’t recommend Roos Advisors highly enough. They bring equal business smarts and people smarts together for a 360-degree approach. Their team is dedicated, honest and hard-working to get results. Their skill set is vast. The ones to call if you want to excel to the next level!”

    Suzanne Rosnowski
    Suzanne Rosnowski CEO/Founder Relevance International, NY/London/California
  • “I can’t say enough about working with Roos Advisors. They are true professionals. I appreciate their view on everything from marketing to networking to building relationships and to spirituality. They are one of a kind.”

    Adam Wood
    Adam Wood Attorney Wood & Associates, NY
  • “I have depended on Roos Advisors for many years. They helped me launch and grow my business, including the set up all of our operational and accounting systems. They know how to look at the big picture, make recommendations, and then implement the technical and operational systems for success. They are great at getting people “on the same page”. They are talented at building consensus for the greater good.”

    Marilyn Beck
    Marilyn Beck Marilyn Beck, CEO/Founder Recruiting Connection, Inc, Salt Lake City, UT
  • “Roos has helped build our business from the ground up into the thriving, growing business that it is today. They provided us with consulting during our construction phase by making the connections with needed affiliates, right down to filling out paperwork and marketing. The ongoing strategic oversight and direction has ensured our revenues continue to grow, our employees are happy and our customers continue to give us rave reviews.”

    Miriam Ettelson
    Miriam Ettelson Owner Park Circle Storage, New York
  • “Roos helped us create the solid foundation to take our community to the next level. Their care and direction for our executive team have been a great emotional support and inspiration for all of us. The feeling of real teamwork and the sense that there is someone on the other end of the rope pulling has meant a lot to me personally.”

    Dave Brisbin
    Dave Brisbin President Encompass Recovery
  • "When I met Larendee I have worked as an Interior Designer for over a decade and realized that Interior Design wasn’t the right outlet for my creativity, I was also tired of working for someone else. Larendee with her characteristic practical approach, her laser focus and ever lasting warmth took all my scattered energy and my desire for taking pictures and formed an architectural photography business. Larendee walked with me shoulder to shoulder turning my dream into a business reality and for that I’m forever grateful. Larendee makes a difficult task seem effortless, she’s one of those rare individuals who possesses different talents that arise in a timely fashion as needed, a great listener she will work for you and your dream 100%."

    Maria Linnaea Owner of Linnaea Photography
  • Your message [during our conference] was spot on and meaningful.  One person commented, “that was so good!  He nailed it.”  As we surveyed the HR people for their favorite sections of the conference you continue to trend high.  There were several HR people that asked me about all the papers and studies you were working on.  I was deeply grateful for your willingness to help us.  I was inspired, motivated and reminded of how great it was to associate with you regularly.

    Joe Barnard Ken Garff Automotive Group
  • I love our time together and the potential that you’re helping us see!

    Jenica Predictive BioTech
  • “Great training Bruce. The insight our staff gained was referenced often throughout the next 2 days. I know their perspective has changed for the better. Thank you for helping us invest in their success!”

    Bryce Neely VP Operations Titan Mobile
  • I feel more confident in my recruiting efforts today than I did a couple weeks ago. Roos has been very helpful!

    Olivia Hughes Human Resources Director at Rolling Hills Healthcare
  • I met Larendee as an Exhibitor at my tradeshow. We started working together and since October 2019 our firm has come together more organized, more stable and we have a better sense of direction.

    Anthony Kazazis
    Anthony Kazazis Director of NYC Networking Group, LLC

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