What Are The Differences Between Consulting and Coaching?

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First Thing’s First: What is Consulting?

Consulting is more than giving professional advice. In business, it is defined as someone hired by a company to improve their performance and efficiency. Business consultants analyze businesses with an expert management perspective to create solutions that allow firms to meet their goals.

There are several types of consultants in business. Management consultants are the most popular as they assist in the day to day of operations of running a business. However, the following types of consultants could be hired on an industry-specific based need: marketing consultants, legal consultants, IT consultants, PR consultants, HR consultants, finance consultants, business transformation consultants, and executive coaching consultants.

It may be confusing to know that there is a difference between consultants and coaches, yet be able to hire an executive coach from a consulting firm as if they are one individual unit.

Coaching vs Consulting

The difference between coaching and consulting is that coaching focuses on the process, while consulting focuses on the end result.

An executive coach works to develop the skills of an executive leader to be better equipped to manage his or her business and lead a supporting team. A consultant hired by a business holds a high level of expertise and knowledge in a specific area and is responsible for leading businesses out of conflict and guiding them in the direction of increased profit and success.

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