What Is the Toughest Part of Recruiting Amidst a Global Pandemic?

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Recruiting during a global pandemic is tricky business, especially for companies that are still adjusting to the new remote work paradigm. Recruitment is a lengthy process that usually includes introductions, interviewing, testing, teaching, and so on, which, regardless of all the Covid-friendly alternatives, is more valuable in-person. It’s hard to evaluate and get a feel for the person standing opposite the interviewing table from a distance, but the good news is, it’s not impossible. 

How Do We Adapt to Online Recruiting?

Thankfully, we do have the technology to adjust our methods, so that we can continue to recruit for companies amidst a global pandemic. Here’s a short guide on how to recruit successfully during times of crisis. 

Virtual Interviews

Thanks to programs like Zoom and Google Hangout, companies all over the world are able to hold virtual meetings and conferences. These same programs can be used to conduct virtual interviews. That way, we still get some face-to-face time with job candidates and/or future employers, without putting ourselves at risk.

Remote Onboarding

Our country may have an increasing unemployment rate due to the effects of the pandemic on businesses; however, some larger firms are still thriving and looking to hire. These new hires need to be onboarded, which throws everyone for a curve ball when offices are shut down indefinitely. Using Google teams and virtual face-to-face time, these new hires can be onboarded and trained, while still experiencing the workplace culture in virtual happy hours or virtual team lunches.

Online Recruiting Sites and Tools

Since the rise of LinkedIn, online recruiting tools like InDeed and Monster have become a thing of the past, until online recruiting sites like GlassDoor came around. GlassDoor shows the average income of those who worked at the company, the amount of years employees stay there, and gives the option for past employees to comment on their time at the company. This is an online recruiting tool that a recruiting coordinator needs to share with prospective job seekers.

How to Use LinkedIn for Recruiting

The social networking platform for business has become a highlighted online recruiting tool in the last few years, but an even stronger asset since the beginning of the pandemic.

As a recruiter, you log into LinkedIn and then you are prompted to enter your job listing’s company, job title and location. The website will then tell you how many of its users (potential passive candidates) have the same job title you’re recruiting for.

Is Online Recruiting Successful?

Online recruitment allows businesses to search the Internet with various proactive digital strategies. The virtual component opens up a whole new world for online recruiting companies to find and hire the best candidates through increased online advertising, job listings, social media and website postings.

In short, the advantages of online recruitment include: 

  • Provides hiring teams with a better applicant pool
  • Provides a cheaper, more efficient way of recruiting by using automation and AI to screen potential candidates
  • Recruiters can communicate with a large number of potential job candidates with online automation.

Executive Recruitment With Roos Advisors

Finding top-tier talent is one of the many stresses companies face today. You need to find leaders who are high-functioning and results-driven. We share your mission, and that is why our recruiting professionals have dedicated their careers to screening and recruiting only the best talent in the legal and construction industries.

With offices in New York, Los Angeles, New Jersey, Salt Lake City, Houston, Atlanta, and now Europe, we are positioned to save you the costly and time-consuming process of screening and recruitment. Our process includes in-depth screenings, reference checks, and assessments designed to ensure the right candidate is placed in the right position with the right company. Qualified candidates with the right skills should be expected. Our process helps uncover the right fit based on finding alignment between the candidate and the company’s culture.

Working with our other divisions, we can help you with education and retention programs that ensure the money you have spent recruiting and training provides an excellent return on your investment.

Schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation to see if we are the solution you have been looking for.

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